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Anandita Kids Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness for families and kids

About Us

      Anandita Kids Yoga is devoted to promoting Wellness to Children and Families, supporting healthy mind, body and spirit by the art of Yoga and Meditation. The goal of each class is to provide children with valuable tools to help them with self regulation, emotional management, improving their learning skills, focus, concentration, coordination, physical and emotional health.


Courses, Classes and Services

You can find our classes at:

  • Child Care Centers

  • Schools

  • Events and Birthday Parties

  • Private sessions 

Private Yoga Sessions

At Anandita Kids Yoga we believe that everyone deserves to live healthy and happy live. Our private classes are customized and targeted specifically for you and done in the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to step into a yoga practice or to work on a desired of you area within your body, mind and spirit. Private classes are wonderful way to control and release pain, work on improving balance and posture correction. 

 Kids Yoga Classes

Anandita Kids Yoga & Wellness is devoted to promoting healthy mind, body and spirit by offering yoga classes for children in a​ safe, positive, and creative environment.​ ​Every class is a c​ol​or​f​u​l s​t​or​y​ ​that brings the kids into a delightful imaginary world. The little yogis experience the journey in each story by moving their bodies through yoga postures, singing songs, calming the mind with breathing exercises, and getting a mindful rest i​n the end of the class. The breathing exercises help the children to stay healthy, cope with stress, and cultivate their inner strength, ​not only in class, but also in their daily routine. The yoga poses or asanas practiced in the  classes strengthen and ​stretch the whole body and ​cultivate confidence ​and ​higher self-esteem,​ which are so important for the young ones. Every yoga class enriches the children by enhancing their imagination and creativity, improving​ their focus,​ r​educing anxiety,​ ​and teaching them ​kindness and self-love.

Special Events

Little Tots and Butterflies Yoga is a fun, movement-oriented and supportive yoga class suited for crawlers to 4 yr old. The yoga moves grow with your child as their mobility increases. During this class toddlers and older kids can enjoy playful yoga exportation, games, stories, songs, rhymes and different breathing techniques.


3:30pm- 4:15pm 

The Center of Mindful Living 

4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suit 200

Drop in Class : $15 


Prenatal and Postnatal Classes

In pregnancy a woman's body goes through many changes, which creates stress both mentally and physically. Practicing prenatal yoga can help maintain a healthy mind and body.Prenatal yoga is an amazing tool for releasing pregnancy related pain and discomfort. The Prenatal Yoga Classes focus on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility. The mindfulness and breathing exercises in a prenatal yoga class help significantly with easier labor and delivery.

 Family Yoga Classes

 Taking time to bond with your children and engage in a fun and healthy activity together is one of the best ways to spent your family time. Parent Child Yoga Classes are not only bringing joy to both you and your kid, but also keeping you fit, flexible and healthy, while taking care of your little one. 



  • Private classes 60 minutes :                    95$

  • Semi-Private (2-3 people) 60 minutes : 110$

  • Kids Yoga Classes (monthly):                  42$ 

  • Kids Yoga Events (Birthday parties):     120-350$


Elina has always been passionate about health and wellness along with psychology and childhood development. After completing  her degree in Pedagogy she started working with children both in traditional and non-traditional school settings.  In 2016 she became a  RYT200 and a Certified Kids Yoga teacher. She loves immensely all of her students and teaches her classes with joy, energy and passion.

In her free time Elina enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her baby boy, and being out in the nature for as long as possible. 

Founder, Yoga Instructor

Elina Rangelova


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Washington, DC, USA